Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday WOW–February 20

I did not go to the quilt shop today.  Sarge was up early getting vehicles and house ready for the predicted winter storm and he informed me that if I wanted to go anywhere it would have to be on the ArcticCat!  Since I think it’s too cold to be riding on an open “scooter”, today seemed like a very good day to spend in my (warm) studio!


I was last down there on Sunday and I left this mess to be cleaned up before anything new can be started.  I’m afraid I’m not very neat while I’m crafting!


I left this project half done on Saturday, so that’s first on the agenda.  I finished adding the binding to these sampler pages and – once I cleared enough space – photographed the project.  So look for a post soon showing what it looks like.  Those polymer heads behind it are getting closer to being “ready for a close-up”, too. 


And I got a start on something new.  My goodness, it was a productive day!  Now if only they were all like that!

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