Friday, February 22, 2013

Sunday Sampler

Earlier this week I showed you a sampler I was putting together.


Last year I spent almost a full year working my way through a book about Fabric Embellishing.  The posts tracking my explorations were the beginnings of what is now Serendipity Sunday.  At the time I was making the samples I had no thought of what to do with the finished pieces.  Most of them are fairly close to the same size – with a few notable exceptions – so the task of finishing them up was mostly pairing them up and adding a finished edge.

Then I decided to bind them together in a fabric book.  Well, that will work fine, except for that one piece that is much larger!  So I’ll make it the cover!  Now I need a back cover . . .


I printed a picture of the book and the dates and added some of the leftover sashiko embroidery.  At this point I realized that this should probably be the front cover.  Unfortunately, I’ve already started binding the pages together!  Oh well.


Speaking of binding – I chose a coptic stitch to attach them all.  When done correctly, it makes a neat chain stitch along the spine.  It does, however, take some practice and benefits from a little advanced planning.  Unfortunately, PLAN is a 4-letter word and rather scarce in my vocabulary!  But it was all a learning experience!

One thing I learned is that any stitched binding is probably going to be a lot easier if all the pages have the same kind of edge finish.  You can see here that I’ve used an envelop edge, satin stitch, ricrac, embroidered edge, top-stitching, and quilt-binding.  The two threads pass through inside the page twice in each direction.  That is really hard on some of these edgings!

But, I managed somehow, and I’m pleased with the result.  Most of the pages are from pieces I’ve already posted here – you can click on SSunday or fabric embellishing in the categories list to review.  Here are a couple that you might not have seen before:




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Gina E. said...

Liz, what a SUPER idea! I also have many one-off samples of things that i have tried, just to see what they look like, and they are all in a higgledy piggledy pile in a basket.
To make them into a kind of journal of experiments is a great way of keeping them in one place to refer to.
Thanks for this!
I received your packet of goodies today and it cheered me up no end, taking my mind off the constant pain in my neck and back. So, you suffer from the same thing, huh? Well, you are much stronger than me then, so be so enthusiastic in all your craft work:-)
I'll be posting photos of all your goodies on my blog shortly.
Thanks again for making my day :-)