Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello . . . Goodbye

The doll I’ve been working on for the Hoffman Challenge is finally finished. 


She needed accessories and that meant time to research and create the right size.  Sizing to keep everything in proportion can be the trickiest part!


I got caught up in the details, too.  I suppose that a less detailed instrument would have been acceptable, but before I knew what hit me I was stringing the silly thing.  At least I didn’t try to tune it!

So, say HELLO to Violin Concerto:



And I’ll be saying GOODBYE soon.  All that’s needed now is to find a box for shipping and all I can do is hope she “plays” spectacularly for the judges!


Anonymous said...

I believe I can hear her playing ... she is wonderful.

Kay said...

She's,wonderful, Liz! I love what you've done with the fabric in the dress, and her expression and the way she's moving her feet with the music are lovely. Best of luck. I think you've got a real winner.

Sheila said...

You make the most beautiful dolls with such can just hearing her playing!