Sunday, June 30, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Sweet, Sweet Pea

Another Sunday, another flower.  This time it is the Sweet Pea.  As with the previous flowers, I started with two-sided circles.


I used a variety of red and pink fabrics for my circles.  Then each one is folded just so.


Then each is gathered through all (eight) layers.  This can be something of a challenge with cotton!  I will have to try it with silk some time – I’m sure it will be easier!  But these look fine and I managed to do six of them without shedding blood!


And again, the leaves are made from wired ribbon.  If I had any idea what sweet pea leaves actually look like, this might have been more intuitive.  But then, I’m sure most leaves do not have red, blue, and yellow stripes in them!


What I DO know about sweet pea, is that it is a vine.  So I used ribbon to sketch out a lattice and then a twining vine to pin these flowers to.


Here is how the Spring wallhanging is shaping up so far:


Yes, I am enjoying this book much more than the earlier one.  This is definitely a “keeper.”

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Gina E. said...

Another successful experiment! Lovely work as usual, Liz!