Thursday, May 8, 2014

At Last!

At long last, I finally have something to show on this blog.  In fact, I have two somethings.  Isn’t that exciting?!!

OK, not exciting.  But good anyway.  So how about some pictures?


Remember my Hunter’s Star experience – er, design variation?  I posted about it here.  This is how I decided to put the blocks together.  It is the perfect size for a table topper and some nice big spaces for quilting.


I had four blocks left over, so I have the beginnings of a medallion quilt.  I’m letting some ideas bubble around in my head to see what winds up on top.  It may take awhile.

And then, there’s my hexie love:


To refresh your memory, I started with this for the center and blogged about it here.


Several borders were added, some of them taking quite a long time to complete.  Half-inch hexies are really a project in themselves!  This is how far along I was at the beginning of April (see this post).

The last border went on today:


This border is foundation paper pieced and I still have all the papers to remove, but it is essentially done. 


The corners were going to be plain blocks, but I wasn’t really pleased with that.  So after a bit of play in EQ7, I drafted up these.  I like them a lot better.

With this one completed, I can turn my attention (little as that may be!) to the hexie medallion quilt in brown.  I’ve switched up some of the borders on it so it should look completely different.

Although, now that I look at this one, maybe it needs just one more tiny border.  Kind of corral all those spikes.  What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Lot's of progress! like the Hunter Star variation, and love Hexie! I would add a final border too ... so I didn't get scratches as I walk past the quilt, or poke an eye out if I pull it up around my head to keep warm in the early hours of the morning.