Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sticky Situation?

OK, that’s a bad cliché because this post is about glue.  Sorry.


This is what the drawer looks like that holds all my glue and tapes.  The sticky stuff.  It’s really a mess!  The other day, while I struggled to get the glue in the bottom of the bottle up to the applicator tip, Sarge observed that I should store the bottles upside down.

I had to think about that for awhile.  This morning, I needed a different glue and this mess demanded to be addressed!  Everything had to come OUT of that drawer!

There were some interesting discoveries:


Apparently I’ve succumbed to “take several – they’re small!”


This is what happens when you pick up the box of toothpicks/craft sticks/coffee stirrers – upside down!  Several times apparently!


Now, why would this stuff be in the glue drawer?  Hmmmm.

But in the end, things look so much better and I can actually find the glue I wanted!


All it took was some quality time with a cardboard box, roll of tape, and craft knife. 

Oh, and the glue I was searching for when this all began?  EMPTY!


Gina E. said...

Makes such a difference when you tidy a drawer or cupboard, doesn't it. I know exactly what is in all my kitchen drawers and cupboards now - the renovation was a great opportunity to clear out some big messes! Not that it means my craft room is going to be renovated any time soon, lol!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to pretty much all of that! I think I should start playing with a cardboard box etc to sort out my glues, and paints too, but I am a bit worried about the craft knife bit ... that could lead to some unwanted, but colourful, consequences!