Saturday, September 27, 2014

Not Sitting on My Thumbs

Just because this blog has been quiet, don’t think I am not doing anything.  Unfortunately, one thing it does mean is that I am not finishing anything!  Until today.


This is the Ice Queen that I went to class to learn how to make.  There are a few things I still need to practice on – hair and eyelashes come to mind – but I am feeling more comfortable with the clay.  And I’m tickled with how the Queen came out.


I went a little crazy with her crown.  There were several ice-ish trims available and I think I used pieces of all of them! 


This is my favorite photo, with the light behind her.  It makes all the sparkly bits – um, sparkly!  A lot of glitter was sacrificed for this gal’s costume!  (And I will be finding glitter in odd places for weeks, I’m sure.)


The costume was concocted of sheer silk, Tyvek, mulberry paper, angelina fibers, and netting.  Fun stuff to play with and interesting results. 

Now that she is finished, I will pack up all the snowflakes, icicles and blue feathers for now.  Because the next project will be quite different.  I started today so here is a little teaser:



Annie said...

She is a rare gem! I love her!

Gina E. said...

Wow Liz, the Ice Queen is fabulous! Your creativity continues to amaze me :-) Now as for those red and white legs...wouldn't be anything to do with a certain bearded man who appears around December?