Thursday, September 4, 2014

Order from Chaos

There’s a very good reason for this blog being silent for the month of August.  Really!  There’s been a lot of – er, disruption – in my half of the basement.


This is just the beginning!


This is what was happening on the other side of that wall.  This and a bit more, in fact.


Whoa!  That is one heck of a hole!  The purpose of this hole is to provide an egress – a way to get out of the house in an emergency if the stairs are blocked.  After all, I spend a large amount of time hunkered down in this basement, but I want to be able to get OUT!


This is a badly blurry picture, but I think you can see that not much cutting was getting done on that cutting table! Of course, while everything was topsy-turvey, I decided to see if I could come up with a better layout.

I crawled around with my trusty tape measure and measured EVERYTHING!  Whew, that was a job all by itself!  Then I opened EQ and started drawing furniture/blocks.  Here is what the original layout looked like:

studio original

Cozy, huh?  This phase took even longer than cutting the hole, by the way.  I would draw up some options, and Sarge would tell me why it wouldn’t work!  Then I’d draw up some more options!  By the time I finished, I had every single piece planned to go somewhere else.  Except the TV.  It had to stay attached to its cable, after all.

Last weekend was moving day.  Amazingly enough, we did not kill each other before we were done (close a time or two, though!) and now it looks like this:

new studio

Here’s real life, sort of:


This shot looks dark because I was shooting into the light from the window.  The lighting is more like the one below.


And from the outside . . .


Now everything is put away and work surface are cleared off and I’m ready to get back to making things!

If I can remember where I put my tools, that is!


Anonymous said...


The tools are in the last place you will look for them. To save time, look there first!

The basement looks great ... love that there are not heaps of windows to spoil the useful wall space. Much easier to arrange wall storage, wall display ... and s design wall.

Gina E. said...

Not having lived in a house with a basement (not common in Australia), I wondered how you would put in a window when it's underground. Like a sort of skylight? I'm not claustrophobic, but I reckon I'd feel a bit stifled if I spend more than an hour or so in a basement without some access to natural light and fresh air!