Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Party Preparations

Oh dear! Ever since I decided to join Vanessa's party this week, the dollings have been all atwitter! You've never seen such goings on. Well, maybe if you lived in a girls' dormitory . . . but of course, the dolls can be really silly, can't they?

So, our imaginary sorority house has been very busy. The good china had to be cleaned up. And the baubles and feather boas brought up from the cedar closet and aired.

And the GLITTER! It's getting on everything. You would not believe the ruckus over the box of feathers I got from Bev last week. I'm sure there's enough to go around, but everyone wants first pick. And I'm afraid they will all have been glittered if I don't watch closely.

There are so many things to do yet. Baking to be done!

Hair to braid!

And poor Dooley has been sewing his wee fingers to the bone!

Can't wait for Saturday!

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