Thursday, June 19, 2008

Progress - May TIF

I did it! I completed the Take It Further challenge for May. The challenge for this month was "what do you call yourself and why?" in relation to your creative work. There was quite a bit of discussion throughout the month - and continuing into this month! Obviously this is a major question for a lot of fiber artists. I have already blogged about what I think here, so I won't repeat that. Today is the unveiling of the completed piece which I call "The Dollmaker". It is hand embroidered on Aida 22 and then framed with a cool Nancy's Notions scissor print.

While I was adding the frame/border I started thinking about the June challenge. I have been thinking off and on about my stash and releasing my Muse in Tuesday's blog started things working again. I started on June's piece as soon as I finished this one and it is coming along quite well. Here is a "teaser" photo.
There's more to come. Soon I hope!


MargB said...

This is beautiful and great fun.
Thankyou for your comments on my blog - you have got me thinking that maybe version 3 will enlarge the butterfly - I really want to try one more (at least) in creams and whites.

Phyl said...

I simply LOVE this embroidered words onto sheer ribbon!!!Can you do this w/your sewing machine?!
Thanks for visiting my blog; do come again...we have lots in common with beads and fabrics and dolls!