Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shop Hop!

Yesterday I went on my first Shop Hop bus tour! Wow! Was that ever a tiring - but fun - day! My auntie went with me and we had a really good time together. We've talked about doing this tour for a couple of years, but our schedules only came together finally this year. The Kansas Prairie Shop Hop runs for four days and the bus trips usually run for two days - I would never last through two full days of this!

Well, if your goal is to build up fabric stash, then this is the way to do it. Er, not too good for stash-busting, though - unless you're our "tour guide." The shop who sponsored the bus provided lots of give-aways, but our guide brought some of her own what-was-I-thinking stuff and gave it away as well. Each piece had a story, of course, and most were funny so we laughed and laughed all day. Between shopping stops, that is!

Oh boy, did we shop! This is what my personal treasure trove looked like at the end of the day. I did start out with a few goals and managed to fulfill all but one. Not bad, huh? Please note the small pile of change in the photo. That is ALL the cash I made it home with. Even had to borrow a dollar for dinner. Oh dear! But, I got a lot of really neat stuff - and lots and lots of inspiration - for . . . well, uh, maybe I shouldn't say. Hubby reads my blog sometimes, you know!

Well, now I have sorted and pondered and stored most of the haul (and eaten some of the chocolate!) and it is time to get back on schedule with my creative goals. There are still some family obligations to finish up, but I have more time in the studio every day. That means I will actually get a chance to work on the Take It Further Challenge and Stargaze Tome and Hattie's headwear - and so on. I'm ready!

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Anonymous said...

looks like you had a fun trip! lots of goodies to play with. i've never been game to go on a shop hop - way too dangerous!