Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finishing up TIF

I am slowly but surely finishing up the pieces for last year's Take It Further challenge.  I have all of the patchwork pieces completed.  Here are the most recent ones.

P4130002 P4110001 P3090012 P3090010P3070004

Along with trying color combinations as part of the challenge, I used these pieces to explore different patchwork blocks.  This has improved (and challenged!) my piecing skills and I can imagine doing a full quilt from some of these blocks.  Some day.

The other part of each month's challenge was based on a theme chosen by SharonB.  During the challenge year I started pieces for the themes, but did not get quite all of them finished! 

Well, I've finally finished the very first one!  In January, Sharon asked us who we look up to and admire, and why.  I couldn't settle on one person, but decided on a group who shared an attribute I admire . . .  the courage to follow their muse wherever it leads.  I placed a lot of symbolism here, so don't expect to recognize everyone!

P1310001 This is what the piece looked like at the end of January last year.  All the fusible web applique was done, but no embroidery yet.

P4240019And this is what it looks like now. 

These pieces will all get finished into pages for a fabric book.  I have one more theme piece to complete.  It is all embroidery so may take awhile, but is coming along nicely so far.  Once the book is assembled I will post pictures and give some more information.

This project is coming along pretty well.  I've enjoyed all the work and I'm not sure I want it to be finished.  But then, there are lots of ideas for new projects.  I don't expect to ever die from boredom!


virtualquilter said...

I loved the symbolism of the fish floating in space .... until you added the embroidery! Now it is just a fish in a bowl! Love the whole picture, look forward to the book, and the blocks are looking good too.

Vicki W said...

Kudos to you for sticking with the TIF challenge! I was a total loser on that one.

Orice said...

Liz, of course my favorite is the girl in the chair. Quite unique with all the appliques and stitching. Very ambitious! Lovely!