Friday, May 8, 2009

Time Flies

Here it is May already, and another six weeks has gone by.  Where does the time go?  Seems to me I just finished posting a Goal Review . . . and it's already time for another!

As always, to review the previous posts on Goals, you can just click the goals link in my sidebar and browse the last couple of posts.  But for now let's get down to business.



1.  Stitch an envelope for a Mail Art Exchange with Stitchin' Fingers. Done! 

I posted pictures here of both the  Mail Art I sent out and the one I received.  It was fun, but took slightly more time than I expected.   If you think this type of thing looks interesting, check out Stitchin' Fingers.  There's always something fun going on!


2.  Continue working on Take It Further. Still in progress. 

I did accomplish quite a bit during this period.  Once I complete the embroidery I'm working on now, I will be able to begin assembling the month pages.  It could even get finished next month!  Or not. 



3.  Get going on the "dreaded" Halloween quilt! Done! 

OMG, I can't believe I got it done finally!  I posted pictures here.  Feels good to check that one off the list.  Not to worry, though.  There are several more quilt projects on my list.


4.  Make a quilt top for Quilts of Valor (QOV) as part of the local Quilt Guild project.  Done! 

I'll post pictures soon.  Now it goes to guild meeting so it can be quilted.


5.  Design the prototype for my Hoffman Challenge entry.  In progress. 

Well . . . actually, no progress at all this six weeks!  Oops.  It isn't a hot priority - yet - so I guess I have kept moving it down on the list.  But, July will be here before I know it!  So, I will definitely work on it this month!  This is what the fabric looks like this year.


6.  Make a doll with a wire skirt, something I have had in my head for wa-a-ay too long.  In progress. 

And she is working nicely, thank you.  I had to wait for clay to dry which took forever!  We've had a lot of rain this spring and the basement got a bit damp.  Not good for air drying clay.  LOL!  So she will be a carryover.

Again - a result of half and half.  Does that mean I'm consistent?!  Well, here's hoping I do a little bit better on the next list.  And, without further ado, here is that list:

  1. Make pieces for Friendship Puzzle
  2. Make significant progress on Hoffman Challenge doll.
  3. Complete Stitchin' Fingers swaps for May and June (3 so far).
  4. Complete TIF pages and bind into a book.
  5. Finish two In-progress dolls - one of which is wire skirted.
  6. Stitch top for Scrappy Stars quilt.

There you have it.  I think these will be pretty interesting.  Hope to have some eye candy for you along the way.  Check back around June 19 for sure to see how I did.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to the next lot of projects, in particular the book and dolls.
Judy B

Kay said...

You're always so busy and full of ideas-- That Hoffman fabric gives me shivers. I'm working on mine, and as usual, am a bit bogged down and ready to have it over with. Good luck to you!

Orice said...

About all my "List" of creative things includes lately are things like: weed the flower gardens; mow the lawn; plant tomatoes; defrost the freezer and MAYBE someday get back to making dolls. LOL. Glad at least someone is at the sewing fun stuff.

Annie said...

Looks like you've done a lot and so many different types of things. I adore your appliqued piece for the TIF challenge with the people you admire. That is such a great idea.