Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Mail

Going to pick up the mail has certainly gotten interesting since I joined these on-line swap groups! I just never know what I'm going to get next!!!


from-RhonaLast week I got this postcard from Rhona. She was inspired by tidal pools at the shore and it really makes me think of walking along the beach. That has to be my favorite activity - other than stitching, that is!

pc-to-SueM This swap was not a one-for-one type, so I sent my postcard to Sue in the UK. I must confess I did not make one specifically for this swap (I know, for shame!**) but sent one I have had on hand.

Last fall I posted an explanation of how I like to make my postcards (see this post) and this one was one of the few not mailed from a set of six.


Here is what the original piece looked like before cutting. I had an old blackwork embroidery piece that was not being used - or enjoyed - anymore. I added a framework and bits and pieces, along with some machine stitching.


Then I cut it into six 4" x 6" pieces and did some further embellishment. Some of my readers may recognize a card they've received from me!

But wait! There's more!!!

Stitched mail art

Another swap I recently participated in was something called Mail Art. I had not heard of this type of swap, but it has been quite popular in some parts of the world. The concept is to embroider an envelope - including the addresses (smudged out in these pix) - and send it in regular mail.

My swap partner was AnnieB and I was excited because she does beautiful cross stitch. I was not disappointed!!


Isn't that a great picture of a house? And check out this lovely bird on the other side.

P4080015I had quite a time choosing what to stitch to send back to her. Planning out a Mail Art piece is somewhat more complicated. Not only do you need to plan how to make your envelope, but also where to place your stitching so everything comes out right side up!

I am quite pleased with the overall piece, although I know several things that I will change the next time I do a swap like this. . . assuming there is ever a next time!

fromLizFor one thing, I will make a much smaller envelope! This is about 6" by 7" and just barely fit into a 9x6 *envelope! And I think I will put some more thought into choosing my stitching motif. This one was from a larger kitchen scene and I pulled specific pieces out of the overall piece and sort of rearranged them. back-fromLiz

One thing I've learned a lot about through the internet is copyright concerns. I used to rearrange stitching patterns all the time, with no thought about what the designer might think about what I was doing. Nowadays I am much more aware so I will explain here that the original pattern was from a 20+ year old magazine which is no longer being published. If I knew the designer I would give them full credit here (I think the full piece is wonderful!), but if you recognize your own work here, I apologize. And please let me know who you are!

* Here is where another confession** is required. Both Annie and I opted to put our envelopes inside another - er, envelope! After all that thinking and planning and stitching, no way I was going to send this thing nekked through the postal service!

**Confession is supposed to be good for the soul. Is this going a bit overboard? I mean, who really cares about whether an envelope is an envelope? Or if I've made a brand new postcard just for this swap? Am I conceited to think anyone would notice? Paranoid, maybe???

This post got way longer than I intended. I hope you don't mind my ramblings. I've signed up for more swaps, so stay tuned for pictures!


Vicki W said...

I love how you turned the embroidery peice into great postcards. Very creative!

Gina E. said...

Ha ha ha Liz!! I love the way you meandered all over the place on this post! Your photos showing how you've turned an old embroidery into postcards was a revelation to me. I have heard of people doing this before, but I didn't understand what they meant. But your photos have clarified the process for me, so I'm going to dig out some of my unwanted linens that were destined for eBay, and turn them into postcards!

Judith said...

Wow, just found you Blog Liz, and really enjoying it. I have just got "into" making Postcards too. If you have time have a look at my blogspot

Kay said...

I recognize one of those postcards! How neat to know how you did it.

Confession: I didn't make my postcard especially for the swap either, but it was apparently appreciated, as I'm sure yours was. The one I received is on my blog.