Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beading Break

I was at a club meeting recently where we learned to do some beading.  I lo-o-o-ove to play with beads!!  Here is a shot of what greeted us when we arrived.  Oh goody!


The bad thing about me and beads is . . . I tend to get carried away!  I get so focused on making pretty bead things that I forget about doing anything else!   For quite a few days - or weeks!


This is the beginnings of the project.  Here is where I finished the basic spiral stitch and started adding some embellishments.  I'm following a pattern on this piece, but I can think of all kinds of other variations!  Saving those for next time!


Here you can see a few more variations of the embellishments.  These colors are fairly accurate, but a blue background really makes the beads shine their best!

spiralrope1  This is the finished piece - with really blah background and not nearly as pretty as real life!


And a shot that does something completely different to the colors!  Good grief!  You will just have to imagine more blue iridescence.   The core beads are a bright blue and they peek through the embellishments just the right amount.  I love wearing this lariat (what, you don't recognize me in the photo?).  Too bad I don't have more places to wear necklaces!  May have to work on that.  LOL!

I know, I know.  I said I would focus on quilts, dolls, and embroidery this year!  Back to work, Liz.


goodworks1 said...

That's fabulous!

(Covering my eyes so I don't get tempted to get out the bead bins....)


Orice said...

Beading is a natural for you. I still wear the lovely beaded pin you gave me for Christmas that first year. And get lots of compliments too.

Annie said...

What pretty pieces. I know what you mean about having pretty jewelry with no place to wear it. Somehow it just doesn't seem right to wear it around the house!