Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stitchin' and This 'n That

Whoa!  It's been awhile since I posted last.  Sorry about that.  I did not mean to stay away so long, but I've been stitchin'.  Unfortunately, a good portion of it has been for swaps and I can't post pictures yet.  Bummer!

I can show you my efforts for Stitch Explorer this month, though.  Sharon proposed a style of embroidery called Assisi.  When you visit her post, you will find several links to show you all about this type of stitching.   I found the pattern below on one of those sites.


It is a "void" style, which means the central motif is left blank and the background is stitched.  When you think about it that way, lots of possibilities occur!  Like this heart with star stitches as the background.


Or this piece I did last year as part of Sharon's Sumptuous Surfaces class.

Finished Feb 16

While I was working on one of the swap projects, I needed to stitch some lettering.  I found a really great book of alphabets that I forgot I had!  So I took some time out to enjoy all those ideas . . . I suspect they will be showing up here and there in the future!

P4100024Some of the lettering styles adapted to Assisi really well!  Wouldn't this make a great name tag?

Here is a longer view showing several "explorations."  (These photos seem pretty pale.  Huh!  I usually have the opposite problem!)

P4100023 As I go along, I am stitching these samplers into a long piece that will document 2009's embroidery.  So every once in awhile I add a date or such to  show where we are in the year.

Tomorrow is Easter.  A time of Faith, Hope, and Love.  Hope you have a happy day celebrating appropriately for your own beliefs.


Kay said...

That is interesting--I like the way it works with the lettering.

Orice said...

The rabbit pattern is perfect for the season. Each sampler is a goody, but for some reason the simplicity of the heart. . .left blank. . in the middle. . .appeals to me. Perhaps it reminds me of my own "blank mind" at times. LOL. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Love the lettering, and that heart motif is a really nice example of slightly altering the technique.
Kay Susan, Smockery

Annie said...

Assisi stitching can be so much fun. Love the alphabet and the beaded piece.

I did one of Kirsten's designs a while back as a needlecase in both the positive and negative. I really enjoyed it. Here's the pic: