Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Life Is What Happens When You Are Making Other Plans"

Oh dear.  It's been almost two weeks since I posted last.  Stuff just happens - ya know?  I don't know who originated the quote in my title, but they sure knew what they were talking about!

Last month we had a lot of rain.  Really a lot of rain!  The ground became fully saturated and the water table rose around here.  That means water in the basement for most everyone in town!

However, not everyone in town has the basement full of "precious" everyday stuff like I do!  We've been talking about a new floor for my sewing room, but can't consider that if water is going to come in whenever it rains a bunch.

OK, long story short.  This is what my sewing room looked like for a few days!


And this is where the sewing machine usually sits.


So . . . not much crafty stuff getting done in that room!  Just a lot of sawing, sealing, and hammering.  There was also a fair amount of worrying going on.  LOL!


Once the room got put back together (sort of), there were the two days the internet was down, trips to the dentist, classes, meetings, and so on.  Oh yeah!  Misplacing the camera as well!  Oh boy - when it rains, it pours!  Oops - not the best choice of adages that.

Only one more waterproofing project to be done, though.  You may have seen this cabinet before:


It's about sixteen foot long and taller than I am (not that that's very tall!) and it has to come out!  At least temporarily - to replace waterlogged boards behind it.  I have fingers crossed that it will all go back in.  'Cause it is FULL of my stuff!!!!



As in seven shelves of fabric (and all the accompanying goodies) by sixteen feet!  OK, I exaggerate - the in-between shelves don't go all the way and there are lots of books and boxes.  It's not that much fabric - no matter what Sarge thinks!


Not to worry, though.  I have managed to do a couple of projects that will soon be pretty picture posts for you to enjoy.  I will be back to show you some fun things in a couple of days.  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


Kay said...

Oh, I know what this is like! Our basement is the same way when the water table rises. We had to put perimeter sump pumps in about 15 years ago when we were under water constantly. This year hasn't been a problem in spite of the rain, except once when one of the pumps failed! I hope the water goes down and you're back to normal soon.

Orice said...

Golly! It's scarey to have been in an almost-flood. Losing all your craft and sewing things would have been tragic to say the least! Glad you're room. . .and YOU. . .are recovering. You also seem to be taking it all in stride, without overstressing too much. Wish I could be there to help lower your stress level with a bit of hands-on therapy.

Cynthia said...

The quote is by John Lennon

Annie said...

I grew up in a house with that kind of problem. At least you managed to avoid total disaster.

We've had a over-supply of rain here too, although nothing like some other parts of the country. But the proverbial cats and dogs are coming down now (I assume those in the photo did not rain down ;-). At least it waited til the work week began.

Hope the clean-up goes swiftly.

Gina E. said...

Ah ha, now I see what you were writing about, Liz! Not many homes in Australia have basements, and we don't have bad floods very often in Victoria anyway, so I don't have your problem. You guys have basements because of the tornadoes, don't you? Since our bushfires in February, a lot of people who were burnt out are now considering rebuilding with basements or bunkers, as they call them - for the same reason as you, to shelter from tornadoes, or in our case, severe fires.
That is such a cute photo of your dogs - they sure do look worried!