Thursday, September 10, 2009

Goal Time Again!

The year is quickly slipping away.  Autumn is upon us, and it's time for another goal review!  This time around I did much better.  Not perfect - how boring would that be? - but there's hope that I can learn!

Well then, let's get on with it!

1.  Have two QOVs ready to send to quilter.   Done!


These are at the quilter now and I'll get bindings on them as soon as they return.  I posted information about these quilts here.

2.  Send some dolls to State Fair (esp. Carmen).   Done!


Carmen and Aengus were shipped off last week.  The fair starts Saturday, and I expect them to be back sometime near the end of the month.  I do hope everyone likes them.


P81700053.  Make something using Altoid tins (August doll club project).   Done!

For now at least.  I still have lots of tins!  There are lots of ideas on the internet for making something fun with these tins, so I'm sure I will be using some of them later on.  You can see all of the tins I decorated this time here.


4.   Make bookmarks for a Stargazers group exchange.   Done!P9020008

Omigosh!  I can't believe how many times I'm typing 'Done'!  I can't show you my bookmarks just yet - they are still traveling to their new homes.  I've received one of my exchanges though, and I will definitely show you pictures when the swap is finished.  This is a picture of the backs of my bookmarks.

5.  Stitch and swap a pendibule or humbug.  Cancelled.

Oops.  This swap got put aside for the time being and - No - I did not start working on it anyway.  I've grown away from cross-stitch for awhile - although I was really intrigued by something called a 'humbug'!  I've put it into my 'sometime later' file.

P82800016.  Can we please finish the TIF project?  Major Progress!

Ah, but still In Progress.  I'm getting very close, though.  I've been assembling the pages, and finding that the task P9070051takes longer than I anticipated.  You will understand why when you see the final product.  Which I really hope will be in the next six weeks!


Phew!  It was a busy six weeks.  Let's see what I have lined up for the next term. 

  1. TIF again.  High priority this time.
  2. Begin working on challenges for quilt guild and doll club (both due in November)
  3. Play catch up on the Block of the Month embroideries
  4. Do at least one Stargaze Tome page
  5. Work on Christmas wall hanging

I will be gone for a week in this period, so I am only setting five goals this time.  Who knows?  I might get extras done!  Come back October 23 and see!

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