Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's Sew Fine

OK, that's pretty corny.  Sorry. 

'It' is my new sewing table.  I love it! 


Sarge built it specifically to fit me and my machine.  He measured this and that, and looked at pictures I pulled off the internet for him, and listened to my wish list and then he built it!  He claims he is not a carpenter, but for my purposes he's pretty close, let me tell you. 


The shelf is set down just far enough so that the standard plastic table slides on and off without moving the machine.  I can change bobbins with the table on and do just about everything with it assembled like this.  If I need the free arm capability I can just pop the table off and slide the machine back a few inches.


The drawers are a unit I've had for a long time, but the table was made so they fit just right underneath that extension.  Now I can machine quilt (and continuous piece) without getting the fabric on the floor for Barney to sit on!  Please notice the nicely curved corner on that top!  Pretty cool, huh?


Just for comparison, this picture shows some of the old sewing table.  It was a portable thing that was given to me with my first sewing machine - probably 38 years ago!  I don't think it was new then either.  It has been modified and refinished over the years, but it was small, and just a tad too short for the newer machines (a little bump right in front of the stitch plate), plus it stands on spindly legs and wobbles!  Oh yeah - see how it comes around in front of the machine?  There is a (very) strong spring hinge there so you can get to the bobbin case - and it bites!  Having that thing spring back and catch my finger was getting downright painful.

So, now I'm really a happy camper and I think my sewing room is pretty close to perfect!  I'm so lucky to have a handy husband.


Vicki W said...

It's very fine indeed!

Orice said...

What a delightful sewing space, Liz. Perfection for sure! You well deserve it.

Annie said...

You are very lucky! Give that man a blue ribbon!