Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Door Opened . . .

and my first Traveling Page arrived!


This was created by Elizabeth for my theme of Doors.  Isn't it lovely?  I just love it, but especially the vine around the door which I've always wanted to have!  And check out that tiny frog just to the lower left!

When you use the key to open this door, this is what you will find:


"Every exit leads to a new entrance."  How true!  And the collage behind the door is so inviting!  I wish I could step through.

And on the reverse:


What a wonderful fabric and how appropriate is that for a door?

Elizabeth did a great job of embroidery and felting (I think?) and created a great doorway to remind me that Spring will come eventually.  Here is a close-up so you can see that she used both machine and hand embroidery.


Oh look!  There's my friend the frog again!

I'm so glad I chose Doors as my theme.  It has many good associations and inspiration.  And if anyone watched the HBO movie Temple Grandin this weekend, you are probably thinking about doors in a new way now!  Dr. Grandin is autistic and the film uses doors as a device to illustrate the amazing steps she took to build a productive life.  The title of this post is taken from the movie, "A door opened and I went through it."

Thanks so much, Elizabeth. 


Anonymous said...

Oh wow Liz!These are gorgeous. I LOVE doors too!!I have lots of ideas for "door" themed things.Oh for more hours in the day!!Thanks for the nice comment on my Fairy Shoes. I am back to blogging.

Anonymous said...

Knock, knock,
Can I come in?

Elizabeth did a wonderful job on the door, and on the surounds, and through the door..... and behind the door!

Annie said...

Another fascinating project. I don't know how you find this things!

That's a gorgeous door. A very interesting theme. You'll have a marvelous book when this is done.

Ruth said...

Love your first page, Liz. What a great start for you book.