Sunday, February 28, 2010

Valentine Postcards

I took part in a Valentine postcard swap - and Oh Boy, did I get some great cards!

This first one is from Marja in the Netherlands.  She made such a pretty card with what looks like felting and Tyvek.


She also included the cutest little felted bag.  I'm thinking one day there will be a doll who will love this bag!

My "Secret" Valentine was from Sharon.  She was having so much fun embellishing this card she couldn't stop!  I think it looks perfect.


There are fabric hearts, and heart buttons, and gold hearts and pearl hearts.  She called it Marrakesh Romance. 


The envelope had a whole handful of little hearts in it as well.  Plus the cutest little Cuddlepie pin!

I sent off a couple of Valentines myself but I think I got the best part of this deal.  Here is a (bad) pic of what I sent out.


Something in the light made these look much more orange than they really were. 

Next postcard swap?  Go Green!


SharonH said...

Thanks Liz for your kind words about my FPC... I did enjoy the challenge of it although stressful at times...

Yours (that you sent) looks pretty special too..It is amazing how we all have a different interpretation on the same theme...
I think I am going to 'sit March - green' out although oddly I know what I would create...I just don't know how I would do it... :)

Annie said...

Lots of great loving art traveling around. All the cards are beautiful.

Judy said...

You lucky woman. Marja makes some really lovely cards.Her work is so neatly and thoughtfully constructed.I love her colour sense.

Jules said...

These are lovely Liz!

Vicki W said...

What great cards!

fireythreads said...

love th eidea and ione day will have time to join to some swaps I hope I think they all look fantatastic

love you blog also