Monday, February 15, 2010

Me and Bobby McGee

Now there's a title that brings the '60's to your mind, doesn't it?  I do apologize if you find the tune running through your head now.  I've been trying to get rid of it for a month or more!

The Bobby part of this post is my latest cloth doll.  You've seen previews of her and you'll be pleased to hear she is finished!


Bobby is for my doll club's "traveling" project this year.  Each month, she will go home with a different club member and spend time with them and their family - cloth and flesh!  While she is gone, a different dolly friend will come to stay with me each month. 

The dolls will all have a notebook or journal/scrapbook of some kind, so we can write about their visit and add photos of places we see and things we do.  Sounds like a lot of fun . . . and a little scary, too!


This is Bobby's scrapbook.  In a moment of madness, I decided to make her book completely by hand!  Well, I did take that journal making class last year.  It has to be good for something!


I painted some pages, and grabbed some used envelopes along with scrapbook and artsy papers and made the book.  I forgot to count, but I'm thinking around 30 pages or so.  Pages that are dark colors or heavily textured have a square of lined writing paper attached. 


The front cover is made with fabric and just inside is a scrapbook accessory Passport with exactly the right number of pages (I think).  It was so cool to find that!


And the back cover is actually a box!  So there is a "safe" place for Bobby to stay when she's not visiting.  Finding this box was real serendipity.  I was dreading having to make a box or stand for Bobby, when an item that's been on backorder arrived in a little box of exactly the right size!!!  The box is 10 x 7 and you can see that Bobby tucks inside just right.


So, Bobby is all ready to set off on her travels, guitar in hand of course.  She should be gone about a year and I can't wait to see what kind of adventures she has.  In the meantime, though, I can't wait to see who is coming to visit me!


Anonymous said...

Yep, that song is in my head, and has been since I saw the first preview ....... worse than that , it is onoy one line which is going round and round .... the title!

Bobby is just beautiful ...... living in a perfect sixtes/seveties time warp! Every detail is there! Oh, the memories!

Judy B

Kay said...

This is so incredibly creative, Liz! She's wonderful. I had no idea of the small size until the end, but I do remember seeing the teeny little parts on the worktable before.

That song can run through my head anytime--I've always loved it.

Glad you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!! Love Bobby!! Love her case etc. You did a great job!!

fireythreads said...

love bobby and the idea of her year of travel we sent a bug (my son nicked my sisters "travel bug") traveling in 1999 and my sister received post cards from all over the world, only she didnt know who had started it. tyhe bug finally arrived back late with a new friend y2K bug made out of electrical componets, it was a fun year and the nices and nephews were really intruiged and asking her all the time where the next card was from and my pals were great sending cards even when they went on holidays so I love your idea and think your doll will love her adventures as well also think your journal is fantastic will be intruged to see your visitors.

Annie said...

Bobby is just darling. And that was so clever to make the scrapbook/box to go with her. She's going to have some wonderful adventures now.

Myron said...

Bobby is as cool as Janis Joplin.
Beautiful work. I'm in Love...

Rock On Sis.........

Jules said...

She's great - that guitar is just perfect.. and yes, I cannot get that song out my head now.....

Lise said...

You've done a fantastic job!! I'm sure she'll have lots of adventures the coming months.