Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sticky Fingers

That's what you get when you glue very small pieces.  And I did!

I needed a guitar for my current doll.  Searched the toy aisles with no luck.  Looked at fabric prints, but too small.  Then I did what I should have done in the first place -- an internet search!


I found a great site that seemed to be made exactly for me!  It's called (appropriately enough) Paper!  You can download PDF files for the model of guitar you are interested in.  Heck, you could have a whole band!

Of course, the catch is that you then will have to cut out all the little pieces, including tiny tabs, and glue the whole thing together.  I used a glue stick, thinking it might be less messy.  Hmmph.  I certainly wouldn't want to try anything more messy!


But - voila!  My Stars and Stripes Les Paul electric guitar!  (Still a few details to be stuck on - those are easy!)


And here is Bobby sitting on the laptop keyboard and giving it a try.  Yes, this should do nicely. 

There is more to be done before she is finished . . . shoes, jewelry, and a guitar strap.  You'll get the full story soon.


Jules said...

Oh, I'm loving Bobby! Great guitar Liz! Look forward to seeing the final version.

Annie said...

OMG, that couldn't be a more fabulous doll. Love all the hippy touches and the guitar is just brilliant!

kay susan said...

Liz, this is great! I never would have thought of making paper accessories. Love the doll, seems to be from my 'era'.

Anonymous said...

And isn't the internet a great 'supermarket' .... you can find anything with the right keyword! Even paper guitars!

Bobby is gorgeous!

Judy B

Orice said...

Bobby fits back in the sixties alright and the guitar is in scale. How ever did you manage that? Perfect!