Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Sundries

Last week I showed you something my brother calls the “creature from the planet SockKnot.”  Today, I opened it up to see this:


Hmmm.  Still looks like some kind of creature – only now there’s two!!!

I unrolled and smoothed out the pieces – not too much smoothing – and fused them to fusible interfacing.  The interfacing keeps the wrinkles from pulling completely out.   They looked like this:

P6190002Then I took them to my sewing machine and played with stitching.  I tried out several different stitches and tried stitching across the wrinkles as well as along the wrinkles.


I really like how the stitching across looks (on the left) and found that I prefer stitches that have some fill-in or strong stitching lines.  When stitching along the wrinkle lines (right side), I like a more open stitch.  The feather stitch looks great!


And this is the finished piece.  This technique takes some advance planning and you need to do the scrunching several days before you plan to use it, but using machine stitches makes assembling the final product really quick.

The other piece I finished today, however, took a lot longer to assemble while the fabric manipulation itself is a quick process.  I’m talking about the bubbles I showed you last week.  After a week of beading, this is what it looks like:


Yup, that was really a lot of beads!  Fortunately I enjoy beadwork and I did not do it all in one sitting.  The larger pieces are polymer clay items that I’ve had in my stash.  Yeah, it looks pretty wonky, doesn’t it?  I was trying not to cast a shadow when I took the picture and I guess I was standing at an angle!


“Brother Sun” is polymer clay pulled from a mold and then glitter added after baking.


“Sister Moon” was roughly sculpted from paper clay when I was making some primitive pin dolls.   I used a mixture of acrylic paint and a pearlescent paint and then beaded a bezel to hold it to a stiff backing.  The fringe was already on the piece and I added the ruffled part after stitching it down to the fabric.

This is a really fun project.  I can’t wait to see what comes next.  Whatever it is, I’ll be sharing more next Sunday, so y’all come back now.

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