Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday WOW–December 5

Have you ever had one of those days?  You know what I mean . . . you are busy all day, but have nothing to show at the end.  Like you spent the day spinning wheels and going around in circles.  Well, today was one of those.

So, instead of showing you what is on my worktable, here is what the Design Wall is currently showing:


Not much, I know.  On the left is a wall hanging that was pinned over those cabinet doors.  But then I couldn’t get into the cabinet!  So, it’s folded back for now, until I can get back to work on it.

The red and white block in the center is for our Guild’s President’s quilt.  The purple on the right is some of what I stitched today . . . and tomorrow I will be un-stitching it!  Grrrr.


Here’s the little piece below the red and white block.  It’s a pieced hexie made up as an ornament.  Who says Christmas Trees have to be green!!?

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