Sunday, November 10, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Kalanchoe of Africa

File:2007-03-20Kalanchoe blossfeldiana11.jpg
I found many references to the Kalanchoe plant on the internet.  Just reading the list of common names for this versatile houseplant is entertaining!
The fabric version is deceptively simple and works up very quickly.  In fact, I spent more time researching and choosing fabrics than it took to stitch up three samples!
Each one is simply two circles, folded and gathered.  I actually did two gathers in order to shape the bottom part a bit more neatly, although the instructions do not call for it.  Maybe I felt the need to make it a little bit more work!
I like the way they look with the rest of the garden.  The winter garden is two-thirds done – if only I could say the same about the real winter!

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