Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday WOW–November 6

I’ve got a full schedule this week, but I was able to sneak off for a couple hours today and get some sewing done.


You might recall that last week I had started on three simple dolls for a club challenge.


Well, today they are all dressed!  I usually like to make outlandish costumes for my dolls, so doing three very sweet, conventional dresses was a fun change of pace.


Their faces are pretty much done.  There may be a little touch-up to do and then I will set them with fixative.  After that, they just need shoes to be complete.  Oh, yes – they need one other thing . . .


HAIR!  I had just enough yellow yarn for one, but there are lots of browns to choose from for the other two.  Making dolls is so much fun!


Gina E. said...

Well, I've got to be honest and upfront with you Liz - I like these three best of all the dolls you've shown on your blog! You know you're getting old when....
Thanks for your sympathy regarding my friend. I'll still visit other blogs to keep up with everyone but will have a break from mine.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked ... but love that you can still do conventional! I like trying new, but sometimes it is nice to go back too, and that is the only way to clear out some of the UFOs.