Sunday, November 3, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Cathedral Bells

File:Cobaea scandens0.jpg
Cathedral Bells is a vine native to South America.  According to my favorite reference (wikipedia), it is also called Cup & Saucer Vine, Mexican Ivy, and Monastery Bells.  It’s not hardy enough to bloom in a winter garden, but would probably do well indoors.  It certainly would add some cheer to the winter!
This flower was pretty easy to fold and for once the gathers are only going through four layers of fabric!  After some of the earlier ones, four layers was easy!
These butterflies proved to be a challenge, however.  The ribbon is twisted into two loop-de-loops that took several tries to get right.  Today was not my best day for following diagrams!  I persisted and, after a bit of un-sewing, managed to make these three cuties.
They really perk up this garden.  Imagine a vine climbing the wall and butterflies flitting in and out.  Hmmm.  I guess you can tell I am not looking forward to winter!
Here is our winter garden – half way done.  Looking pretty good.  Maybe next week I will choose some bright colors to liven things up a bit.  I like those spots of yellow, but they need help bringing this garden out of the gray shades.  Kind of like winter, huh?

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