Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Case of the Disappearing Day

I am always fascinated by people who seem to know exactly what time it is without any clocks in sight.  These people can wake up on time every morning without an alarm clock.  Sarge is one of those.  I am definitely not! 

Now, it seems I cannot even tell what day it is!  It just gets worse when the “routine” is interrupted.  Case in point – I seem to have lost Wednesday this week.  Actually, I’m not too sure about Thursday, either!  And don’t get me started on October!!!!


So, you’ve probably guessed I am trying to explain away this week’s WOW post.  I have two challenge projects that are due in November, so I thought I’d get started – on October 30!  One of them is a Christmas stocking for the local quilt guild.  I can’t show you what I did because I know at least one person from the guild reads this blog, but the challenge involved using that bauble fabric and a fabric to match the crayon.  Stretched my color sense a little bit, it did!


The other challenge is for doll club and involves using a specific pattern.  I cut out three of them.  Nothing to do with the challenge, but I wanted to see how different fabrics behave and this pattern is simple enough to work up quickly and still show any differences.


So far I have stuffed two and-a-half and you can already see some difference.  I haven’t decided how to dress them yet, but deadline time is getting close.

My goodness, if I am so adrift in time now, just imagine how bad I’ll be when we turn the clocks back this weekend!  Eeeks!


Anonymous said...

Your Sarg and my Butch sound like a matching pair of timekeepers. We never use an alarm clock .. he always wakes up and gives me a shove if I need to be out of bed first.

We have had our clocks on summer time for a few weeks, but my body clock is somewhere else altogether ... and the weather is still back in September.

However, whatever month or year it is, the doll bodies look interesting, but lacking a bit of character at this time. What are the different fabrics?

Gina E. said...

"My goodness, if I am so adrift in time now, just imagine how bad I’ll be when we turn the clocks back this weekend!"
Oh boy, can I relate to this...Ever since Ken retired we have both had trouble remembering what day it is when we wake up. As for time, well unless we've got appointments, time is meaningless! I HATE daylight saving - like you, my body clock gets totally messed up :-(