Sunday, October 27, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Sea Holly

Sea Holly is one of the common names for the genus eryngium.  It looks a lot like thistle, but is not related to either thistle or holly!  Several types can be found in coastal areas, so it is easy to see where it got its name.
Here I have four flowers in the different stages of folding and stitching.  The smallest one is gathered on four sides and is ready for the last corner to be stitched.  I switched to button thread for gathering because there are a LOT of layers to go through! 
This is what it looks like with the gathering done.  I could have left it that way, but I decided I don’t like those “points” where the corners were.  It sits pretty high off the surface, too.  So, I did not cut the thread at this step, but used it to pull those points to the back by just tacking them near the center.
I used ribbon to make some “buds.”  I’m not sure about those yellow ones.  I may switch them out for more red ones, but they’ll stay for now.
While we are here on the design wall, let’s re-visit last week’s flower.
I was able to get some more flowers done and a few buds.  After some thought and a little more research, I think this is more likely meant to be a hollyhock (genus alcea) or at least a member of the same Family.  Which means that neither one of these flowers with “Holly” in the name have any relation to the holly I associate with the winter holidays.  Go figure!
Not that it matters what these flowers are called, of course!  The winter garden is beginning to take shape.  There’s still plenty of room for more.  I wonder where next week’s flower will take me?

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