Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday WOW–October 23

I have so many half-finished projects right now, I have trouble choosing what to work on.  So, what did I decide to do today?  Why start a new one, of course!


Not completely new, come to think of it. I had started cutting out the pieces a couple of weeks ago.  But really, there are so many other projects that could be finished in just a few hours. 


Nevertheless, this is what I felt like doing and the hours I spent on it today were not wasted.


Now this project is half finished, too!  Next steps are to construct the bag’s lining, and then join it to the bag.  It will get zippers and handles and go into the DONE category. 

But for now, my list of half-finished projects – UFOs, PHDs, PIGS, what-have-yous – has just grown by one!


Orice said...

Love the bag. I dug out my machine and some scraps and am going for a freestyle type wall hanging. Will take a picture when I'm finished. Keep your fingers crossed, because that could be awhile. Miss you.

Gina E. said...

Lovely bag!