Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday WOW–October 9

If all goes according to plan, I am enjoying a couple of days in Omaha, and this post will actually appear on October 9!  If all goes according to plan . . . .
I thought I would show you what I’ve left on my worktable ready to work on when I return.
I seem to always have multiple projects going at once.  Partly due to a very scattered thought process!  But also partly to a dislike for waiting for things to dry!  The only way to keep from fussing with paint or clay before it is ready is to start working on something else!
Little Norbert, for example.  I’ve been working on him for months!  Each layer of clay needs to dry overnight before moving on to the next detail or layer.  And he had to be fitted to his little “cage” at each stage to make sure I could still get him in there!  AT LAST, he is ready to paint!  Green, I think, with perhaps some yellow gold.
And this piece has been waiting patiently to get started on the clay.  It will need to move forward because I’m scheduled to make the head in a class starting next week.  Hurry!
And then there is sewing this bag.  All the pieces are cut and most of the notions are gathered.  I don’t expect the actual sewing will take very long.  The trick will be to START!
Oh dear!  That looks like a lot of work.  I’d better get lots of rest in Omaha!

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