Sunday, October 20, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–Holly Hock

The first flower for Winter is the Holly Hock – and already I’m lost in the botanic files!  You see, my first assumption was that this flower was hollyhock.  If you do an internet search for holly hock (two words), this is what you get:File:Hollyhock - Kolkata 2011-02-25 1734.JPG
However, the flower I made today clearly has only four petals.  The main factor, though, is that it blooms in winter.  Hollyhock (genus Alcea) is a summer bloomer.File:Hollyflowers.jpg
So perhaps this is actually a variation of holly (genus Ilex) which is an evergreen.
Ah, but this is a pretend garden, and does it really matter?  Let’s get to the fabric version, which starts with a square.
Here you can see that I’ve gathered the corners and three of them have been rolled and tacked to the center.
This is what it looks like with all four corners rolled and the center fabric pushed to the front.  That’s a lot of fabric!
The center is now gathered and tucked.  Much better.  I don’t think it looks very flower-like, though.  So I tried things a little differently with the second one.
Yes, I like that one much better!  The center isn’t done in this photo, but it already looks more like a flower that would brighten a winter day.
Now there are two flowers.  But that is all I had time for today.  I know, it seems a shame to stop just as I figure things out.  There was a bit of a delay in getting started.
The last couple of weeks have been very busy and the bits of time I grabbed in the studio were rushed and left no time for clean-up.  So when I walked up to my worktable this afternoon, I was greeted with this:
I KNOW there’s a table under there!  Tidying up took quite awhile, especially when I kept getting side tracked!  There were some real treasures buried under there!  Maybe I’ll have time to show you some of them this week.
And I will make time to get some more holly hock flowers done, too!


Gina E. said...

Oh Liz!!!! I just showed Ken that photo and said "you reckon my craft room is a mess?" His mouth dropped!

Anonymous said...

I have a matching work space! Love that second flower even if I can't see where you found room to make it!