Sunday, October 13, 2013

Serendipity Sunday - Waratah

This is a flower my Australian readers are sure to recognize. 
In fact, I understand it is the State flower of New South Wales.  It’s definitely a colorful bloom!
To make a fabric version required making pleats.
It’s easier to see the pleats – both horizontal and vertical – in this photo of the back.  Each pleat is stitched on the back to hold the shape.
Then the finished shape is stitched and the stitching serves as a guide for applique.  I matched the thread on the other pieces – this one was so the stitching can be seen in my photos.
I’m not ready to applique the flowers onto my base fabric yet, but for this one I tacked the edges under so we can see the finished shape. 
Just as a small side trip:  this looks an awful lot like something I saw at the zoo in Omaha.
I don’t know what kind of tree this is, although I’m pretty sure it is NOT waratah.  But, doesn’t it look a lot like my pleated fabric version?
Back to today’s project.  Here are three blooms folded, pressed, and pinned.  I have two more ready to press and, of course, will have stems and leaves to cut eventually.
Here is the very crowded Autumn garden.  It’s a good thing this is the last flower in this season!  I need to get busy and finish Summer and then come up with a pleasing arrangement for this one.
Next time I will start with the Winter garden.  Not that I’m anxious for winter itself to arrive.  I can wait for that!

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Anonymous said...

The flowers you have made definitely look like the ones from the zoo.

The waratahs are wide rather than long or tall when viewed from the side, though keep in mind that I am not from New South Wales and so don't see that many waratahs around, but the pleats would look about right. I usually think of them as round, as viewed from the top, with those little fingers in the centre and a few of the petals around the edge.

But keep in mind that the Lancaster Rose block is sort of how we depict a rose rather than what a rose really looks like!