Sunday, October 6, 2013

Serendipity Sunday–China Aster

This ornamental flower is native to China – hence the name – but is cultivated as a garden annual nearly world-wide.  And a very pretty flower it is!
The fabric version begins as a circle, but this time in a single layer.  A triangle of another color – also a single layer - is centered on the circle.
The circle is then folded into a tuck over the triangle’s raw edges.
All three tucks were blind stitched to achieve this shape.  Ignore that extra crease – this shot was taken before pressing!
The outer edge is gathered as in making a yoyo (or suffolk puff, as it is known in some areas) with fiberfil stuffed in before pulling the gathers tight.
Here are four finished flowers.  The plaid one only has the tucks partially stitched which resulted in a less tidy ball.  Not better or worse than the others – just different!
The fun part of today’s stitching was this little dragonfly.  The body and wings are turned and stuffed which can be challenging.  Happily, I have experience in turning tiny doll fingers so this was reasonably easy for me!  I do think he’s cute and I believe he will need some friends in this garden.
The leaves have quite a bit left to do, but that will have to wait until the garden is full.
Well, it’s pretty full now, isn’t it?  But there is one more flower before we move into the next season.  Yes, the little dragonfly will definitely need some company.


Anonymous said...

Love dragonflies, and yes, you need more of them. I prefer the plaid flower ... less tidy which makes it more realistic.

Gina E. said...

Still here, and still speechless!