Thursday, January 9, 2014

It’s All About the Stash

Favorite Fabric Swap


Lately, I’ve been thinking about my stash a lot.  I’m not the only one.  I’ve seen a lot of blogger’s take the Fabriholic’s Pledge.  As near as I can figure it, Jess started the FAA with her post here.

Jess posted a photo of her, ahem, stash as evidence that she needs to go on a fabric “diet.”  Oh boy, I would love to have my stash fit in one bookshelf!


In fact, I’d love to have my stash fit in one picture!!



And let’s not even get started on the laces, ribbons, and beads!

I was tempted to take the pledge to not purchase any new fabric this year, but then Reality raised it’s charming little head and, er, laughed at me!  We all know there’s no way I can NOT buy fabric for six months.  But, I do need to get a handle on this problem.

So, I’m thinking of doing an experiment.  Let’s see how long I can go without buying any fabric, and just shop my stash for whatever projects I do this year.  Of course, I’m thinking of excuses already . . . Block-of-the-Month kits shouldn’t count . . . I have to order the Hoffman Challenge fabric . . . and so on.  Maybe the experiment should also include how creative my excuses can be!

What do you think?  Is there any hope for me?  Maybe we can set up a pool and take bets!



P.S. Full Disclosure:  I had this post ready a couple days ago, but remembered I needed a backing for a quilt.  Soooo, this post got held until after I bought fabric!


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the excuses. Much more fun than you dieting all year!

Love the way you started by holding off posting ... a much better start than most of the others who are vowing to use up at least some of their stash this year.

I started today ... threw out a box of dressmaking scraps. They date back a bit, and were all the bits I didn't use in early quilts, or for dolls. Please note, I haven't even made the pledge to de-stash!

Gina E. said...

Ha...I've seen all those pledges on blogs about too much stash, and I find it boring. I don't know why people go on about their stash - all craft people have huge collections of stash. One of my friends is an artist and she has more paints, pastels, pencils, sketchbooks etc. than you would see in a whole shop. But does she go on about it to everyone? No, she just accepts that it is part of being an artisan, like me with my fabrics and cottons.