Friday, March 21, 2008

Stargaze Tome March Page

Today I finished the third page in the Stargazer Tome series by Patti Culea. This page was all about fabric collage. The front of the page was a garden design. I changed the girl in the original pattern to a fairy that I got from "The Crafter's Design Library: Fantasy" by Chris Down. I traced the fairy onto white fabric and colored with pencils and pens before fusing her to the background. I chose a very flowered background so that only a few items needed to be added to the foreground.

I have had scraps of these "tiger lily" and "snap-dragon" fabrics for many, many years and I think that a fantasy garden theme is the perfect place for them! A few butterflies and ladybugs from another fabric provide more "stuff."

For the back of the page I followed Patti's instructions and cut leaf-ish shapes from Tyvek and organza and then added heat - iron for the
Tyvek and a candle for the organza. This created fronds that I stitched down and did some free motion embroidery around. I also added some heated cellophane, a piece of vegetable netting and a few beads. At the bottom is more Tyvek - in rock shapes, and more free embroidery to create a "rocky" ground. I tried to keep the colors muted as if you are looking at the garden in moonlight. In fact, that circular mark next to the dragonfly is a crescent moon charm. I forgot to take a closeup photo!

The fun part about the Tome patterns is that each page explores a different technique, some of which are new to me. Next month is painting and dyeing fabric I think. One more week in March and I still have lots to do! Oh dear.


Colleen said...

Liz, You did a beautiful job. the fairy is gorgeous and I love the tiger lilies and snap dragons.

Marg in Calgary said...

Liz, this is a lovely piece. I am in awe of your using a candle, because I imagine it's flame being so hard to control! I have done Tyvek work, and have used a wood-burning tool on sheers, but a full-fledged flame?! I am in awe!

Orice said...

Gloriously wonderful. I see you used Tyvek. A product I've only so far dreamed about. Love the colors and proliferation of stitches in your Tomes.

Judi S said...

Wow Liz, this is cool. I've thought about playing around with some Tyvek and now that I've seen what you've done, I must attempt it. Wonderful fairy.
Judi S