Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TIF Challenge for March

SharonB posted the Take It Further challenge for this month a few days ago:

Do you ever notice the little things, the small moments, the details in life? This months challenge is to do just that, pay attention to the tiny details. Sometimes the small things become emblematic for something larger.

And the colors look like this:

I really like the colors and have been thinking about how to use them, but the concept has really led me to do some Deep Thinking. (Yes, the caps are on purpose!) Like many of the other participants, I started out by taking my camera around the house and doing a lot of close-up shots. This can be a fun exercise and I may decide to do it more often. Lots of interesting details show up.

For instance, this shot of pins on a magnet holder. In fiber arts I use pins an awfully lot - and they certainly lead to larger things. They could be symbolic of all that working with fabric and thread means to me.

Or, how about the daily pills? There's a wealth of Deep Thoughts that go with that one. I take the pills to stay healthy and that is certainly a bigger idea. The number of pills in each day's cubicle is also emblematic of the aging process. Remember when all you did was pop a multi-vitamin? Not sure I can remember that far back!

Ah. Then there is this one. A basket, you say? Notice one little detail? There's a loose thread hanging. Let me tell you about that. I am terribly nearsighted. No, really, really, nearsighted! I got my first pair of glasses when I was about 10 or 11. I'm sure I got that old without them because my last name began with 'A' and each year the teachers would arrange students alphabetically. So I always sat in the front row. One year, the teacher reversed the order and I believe my grades started sliding. Whatever the real reason, a trip to the family eye doctor revealed my myopia and glasses were required. That first day with glasses, I realized that curtains had threads hanging, trees had individual leaves, and so on. I had never known that one was supposed to be able to SEE those things!!! I did not know that the children at the back of the class were supposed to be able to read the blackboard. When I think of the days before vision correction, I'm happy I live in this century so that I can see the details. What would my life be like without it?

So how's that for some Deep Thoughts? There are more: blood vessels lead to all that is living; a stack of CDs symbolizes the "Information Age" and all the changes that have come about recently; a stack of paint bottles lead to creativity. I have no idea where this will all lead me, but it should be an interesting trip!


Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about the glasses - Im sure I drove my family mad after I got them - I particularly remember being impressed that you could see individual leaves and blades of grass. I dont recall having problems in class -but my parents discovered my problem when we were watching a yacht race...what yacht??

these challenges of Sharons are interesting - not only for myself..but I enjoy seeing other peoples takes on the subject

Kay said...

Interesting thoughts! I'll be intrigued to see what you decide to do.

Orice said...

So many deep thoughts and your photos are beautiful. Taking closeups of the ordinary dailies becomes a work of art. And thanks, my friend for your concern for Jan. She's doing so much better now and things are gradually returning to "normal"???

MaryjoO said...

I liked your posting!