Monday, March 17, 2008

She's a Doll!

As I was working on this doll today, I realized that I don't really think of these projects as "dolls" until they get a face! Once the face is done, her personality starts to emerge. It doesn't matter if it's only the head - or the whole body is done. It ain't a doll without a face!

This doll is for my doll club's Rainbow challenge. We are using a pattern from one of Patti Culea's books and we have six pieces of fabric in the colors of the rainbow. I have a couple of ideas, but nothing specific planned out yet. But at least she's a doll now! I am calling her Iris, at least for now.

I stuffed the pieces while at doll club this weekend. This gave me another thought. It has been a while since I did very much stuffing and I was concerned that I would have trouble. Sometimes the stuffing just does not cooperate and I get lots of lumps. This time everything went just fine. I think it's because I wasn't THINKING about stuffing. We were talking and laughing and watching what everyone else was doing and I just let my hands do the job - unsupervised you could say. This is true about so many things in life. The stress of paying too much attention can cause the task to be more difficult than it needs to be. Of course, there are lots of situations where you really do need to pay attention. Now, the hard part is to recognize the difference! My goodness, who knew doll making would be a metaphor for life itself?


Orice said...

So true about finding the balance between concentrating and loosening one's thoughts in the process of creativity, and for that matter in the process of life. Iris's face is lovely. Her name matches her eyes.

Clothmatters said...

I love your doll's face!

Kay said...

She looks very feminine to me--sort of a sweet Marilyn Monroe type. I'll be interested to see how you dress her.

MargaretR said...

I just love your doll's face. She's going to grow into a beautiful young lady!