Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Working on TIF for March

I'm still doing a lot of thinking about the March concept: "Do you ever notice the little things, the small moments, the details in life?" Every time I settle on a theme, another idea seems to crop up! Here are the two most likely contenders, collaged in my sketch book.

The first idea has to do with eyes - specifically my own myopic eyesight and how important seeing the details is to me. BTW, two of the eye strips are from famous personalities. Can you name them?

The second idea is the pins and needles that I use in my sewing, quilting, and fiber art. The pins often are the starting point in a design and the small stitches with needle and thread lead - one by one - to completed projects.

A third idea came this weekend while DH and I were on a short road trip and has to do with maps! As the "official navigator" I am always in trouble for (1) misreading a map and/or (2) not seeing a crucial road sign. These are definitely small details that are emblematic of something larger.

Since I cannot quite choose - yet - I have started working on the color concept for now. I was able to find pretty good color matches in my stash, so no shopping needed to get this done. Always nice. I'm working on a quilt block. There's a little bit of a story that goes with it and I will tell you about it when the block is finished. Soon.


Kay said...

Love those eyes--a great idea. I have an idea, but haven't done anything about it, and haven't posted either.

A Fanciful twist said...

It is sooo good to get away sometimes, and then reinfuse all your thoughts and ideas.... I should do that soon, happy Weekend!!