Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Day with Puppets

Yesterday was doll club and, as always, it was a lot of fun! This month I demonstrated how I made my soft sculptured hand puppets. It was so much fun to share what I had made with everyone and even more fun to see what they could do with my pattern and instructions. It was an exhausting day for me (I am still fighting off the cough), but well worth every bit of energy spent!

I'll give you a little bit of background first. One of the church youth groups in my small town asked if I could make some puppets for their after school activities. I'd never done puppets, but I was willing to try. I ended up making seven different puppets that everyone has been very happy with. This first picture is my original puppets which (sort of) match the characters in a book of skits the church group has.

Back to doll club: There were twelve "students" and they all completed AWESOME HEADS!! I can't believe that these great characters all came from my pattern! Oh, we had some struggles and a few people had to re-do or re-think; but the beauty of these puppets is that they are such great individual characters. I know I would not have had as much fun if they had all come out the same. Take a look at these!

Aren't they awesome?

Hmmm. That's ten heads - and we had twelve students. OK, guys. Who sneaked out early? We need to see your heads, too!


Ute said...

Great class! I was glad I made the trip. It'll be a couple of days before I finish mine, but will send you a picture of the finished project. And I'm pretty sure my instructions were complete, but will double check. Thanks again for a great class.

Orice said...

How fun! Your puppets are darling and I can well imagine how much your doll club enjoyed your project!

Clothmatters said...

Hi Liz- I love the puppets! As a retired puppeteer director I had so much fun making puppets over the years. Mine were your traditional rod arm people and animal puppets. I love the designs of your puppets faces. I am sure those who watch a performance will be mesmerized. Excellent work.
Connie....p.s......thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words.

Nellie's Needles said...

Alicia and I think your puppets are WONDERFUL. I can see that we're not the only ones having fun.

Lise said...

Thanks a lot for visiting and for the comment on my blog. Much appreciated!! Now I have enjoyed parts of your blog, and will come back for more inspiration......

dee said...

Thanks for stopping by Liz. I'm having so much fun seeing what you're up to. Beautiful work.
The dolls are amazing!

Judith said...

I love puppets, and your are really good. The ladies must have had fun that day. I really have enjoyed your Blog.I am new to Blogging, so would welcome some feedback on mine if you have the time.