Monday, April 28, 2008

April Take It Further

Here is my TIF piece for April. I chose to do the colors this month, mostly because of the time I lost while sick. I did a lot of thinking about the concept: "How do you see change?" and have a plan and design in my head. But it will be a slow cloth project - one that requires hand work and a thoughtful, thorough working pace. So I will have to put it aside for another time.

Here are the colors as Sharon posted them, and a photo of my selection of fabrics and floss. I usually start with the floss and then find fabrics to match. Of course, the colors tend to morph as the work progresses for some reason. But, hey, they start out as close to the challenge colors as possible. That counts . . . doesn't it?

So, this is the finished piece. As you can see, the pale yellow/green picked up a bit of brightness, as did the red/orange. And I rather like the resulting combination. The picture is not as clear as I'd like either. Hmmm. Need to check that out.

I used Jodi Barrows' technique and ruler for Square in a Square blocks. The ruler is really a nice tool and makes cutting the outer "squares" fast and easy. However, adding another set of corners requires stitching along the bias and I discovered I need some more practice there. By the last round I was delighted to actually get 90 degree corners, so I count this project as successful!

Here is a close-up of the seam treatment. At least it's a much clearer picture!

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paulahewitt said...

Very nice - I really like the feather stitch over the seams. I like these traditional quilt patterns. im thinking of a sqaure in sqaure for a future quilt. The colours dont look much like the challenge to me, but I bet its just my monitor! grin.