Friday, May 2, 2008

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

Today I finally have pictures of my Rainbow challenge doll. I posted information about the challenge here. Basically we were given the six rainbow colors and a pattern choice to make a doll. After thinking about it and searching through my stash, I decided to make the actual doll white! After all, the obvious thing to do is to use the rainbow colors to clothe the doll - and I NEVER liked doing the obvious! Besides, you would not believe the amount of white fabric and lace I have in my stash!!! It should come in really handy when I am ready to dye trim. LOL!

Anyway, this is Iris - whose name comes from the Greek word for rainbow. Iris was also a character in mythology - as well as being a beautiful plant (one of my favorites) and a host of other things.

I used a pattern from one of Patti Culea's Cloth Dollmaking books. She is wearing a silky teddy undergarment, a handkerchief skirt - made from real handerchieves - a lace and bead jacket, lace "stockings", and satin slippers. All in white, of course! Her umbrella is from the challenge fabrics and a rainbow striped ribbon.

This doll was very satisfying to make and helped me remember why I started making dolls in the first place. I enjoy combining my fiber art skills to create something completely unique - and MINE.
And ,yes, she was the only white doll in the challenge!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Liz, Iris is superb - what a talent you have. The photo of her with the umbrella at the side and one leg resting on the other - fantastic!

Orice said...

Oh Liz, She's a beauty! The all white is a stunning contrast to the rainbow umbrella! One of my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Iris is fabulous - what a great face - so beautiful! and a great 'cheat' on the challenge - i can imagine she was the only all white doll in a rainbow challenge - very clever.

Lise said...

Isn't she lovely????? The umbrella made it very special - and I love her face!!