Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Taking Baby Steps

Little by little I am getting better. I've learned I can't push this bug to go faster, so here I am taking "baby steps."
At least I am getting so I can do a little work. I finished these satin slippers this weekend. Aren't they sweet? I stitched them all by hand - too small to do well on the machine - and sitting quietly with handwork was exactly what I needed to be doing!
Today I will see if they actually fit the doll. LOL! Won't that be a downer if they don't fit! We may have to alter her feet. I have the worst luck making shoes that fit. These are from the same pattern as the doll, but I guess I stuff the feet too much or something. Well, I will let you know later what the verdict is.


Phyl said...

Hi, Liz!Thanks for visiting my blog!And I adore these tiny satin &
beaded shoes!Come join our
Beaded Art Dolls yahoo
group...much bead embroidery & fun!

Carolyn said...

Thank you Liz for visiting my spaces ... i just love it when i

Thank you for visiting my spaces ... I just love it when I come across another blogger friend ... as for these precious shoes ... did they fit ... they are gorgeous ... hope you've sent the crud packing & feeling much better ...