Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sumptuous Finishes

Well, I have finally finished AND framed both of my embroidery pieces from the Sumptuous Surfaces class I took last month. I've shown you parts of the colored piece before, but not the whole picture. This was inspired by a photograph of three types of flowers (see the bottom of this post for a portion). I initially tried to use realistic shapes, but the flowers are unknown to me and the photo was actually a scanning of a pile of these flowers. Impossible to see individual shapes! So I winged it!

I love the colors and that is what drew me to the original in the first place. So I mostly played with the colors. The shapes sort of follow the flower shapes, but I wanted a pleasing arrangement and shapes to show off the beads and stitching. I toyed with the idea of placing more yellow or brown at the bottom of the piece, but everything I auditioned looked like too much. In the end, I decided it needs some blank space to balance the heavy stitching. Rather, I framed it so the heaviest stitching is just below center which looked better than right at the bottom.

This is the framed monochromatic piece. I blogged about it earlier and I feel very pleased with the way this looks stretched and framed. Right now it is sitting on my dresser and I believe it is a good spot for it.

I really had a good time with this class and learned a ton of good things about embroidery and design. SharonB - of the TIF Challenge "fame" - was the instructor and she was a great teacher. Thank you Sharon!

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Orice said...

I'm amazed at the amount of work you've been doing lately. I can almost feel the heat coming from that craft room of yours! Both embroidery pieces are so well done and designed, but the monochromatic one is my favorite.