Sunday, April 27, 2008

Journal Making for the Fiber Artist

I got a couple of journals finished from the online class I'm taking from Sue Bleiweiss. Sure seemed to take a long time, but that's because of the time I was sick I guess. And the time spent shopping, going to doctor appointments, visiting family, helping in the yard, paying bills, eating, etc., etc. What happened to spending all day in my workshop? Oh yeah - Life!

Well, back to the journals: The first one is made from an old pair of jeans. One leg was ripped so I cut off the other one and made this sketchbook journal. Inside are pockets to hold pencils, paints, whatever. I have not loaded it with paper yet, but it will have drawing and watercolor papers so it could be used for artistic endeavors.

The second journal has a collection of plain, lined, and graph papers and is bound with posts so pages can be added or removed fairly easily. I added a couple of library pockets inside this journal to hold notes and/or bookmarks.
This class is really a lot of fun. I have another journal just about finished - just needs some decoration on the cover - and the lesson for the last journal was posted this evening.
I have learned a lot of things from this class. One of which is that denim jeans are not easy to work with! But I've also learned some basic book binding techniques as well as different ways to make covers and decorate them. I can see how I can put these techniques to use in the future. If you think this looks like something you'd like to learn, the next class starts June 2. Go to Sue's website for the information.
I will have more pictures when the last two journals are finished. I also have some other projects that are al-l-l-l-l-most ready for photos and sharing.

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StegArt said...

Hi Liz, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your journals are great too! I especially like the denim one with the added embellishments-butterfly etc.