Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Goals Review May 6 - er - 7

It's that time again, boys and girls! Not that anyone cares that much, but I committed to doing a review every six weeks, and we all have to suffer through this! At least it gives me a nice, lengthy post once in awhile! I even include a few pictures!

So let's get started:

Goal #1: Participate in the Take It Further challenge

How am I doing: Not as well as I would like, perhaps, but meeting the minimum goal at least. I dithered around with the April concept and finally went with the color challenge because it was faster!

Lessons Learned: I started April too late to do what I really wanted to. This is what happens when you put it off. This is my number 1 goal and it should take a higher priority than I’ve given it so far.

Next Step: I’ve made some sketches for the May challenge. It is coming together in my head – just need to get it onto cloth.

Goal #2: Participate in the Stargaze Tome group’s Tome Page-A-Month project

How am I doing: I am pleased with the work I am doing on this project. April is not quite finished (see the front at right), but it is getting quite close and I am ready to start May. (You can see March's page here.)

Lessons Learned: I need to plan better for the unexpected (?). Being sick for almost two weeks really upset the apple cart!

Next Step: Finish the April page and start on May

Goal #3: Complete the Hatmaking class I took four (!) years ago

How am I doing: On target. Still working on getting more elaborate and ornate, but I am comfortable with the way this project is going.

Lessons Learned: I tried making two hats one right after the other last month. Hatmaking takes a degree of concentration – it’s a different type of art – and it is easier for me to make two or three while in the mode - or mood or whatever.

Next Step: Hat for May is a turban style. There’s opportunity for lots of ornamentation!

Goal #4: Use a book or tool to explore new techniques or refine un-mastered skills – preferably incorporated with the other goals – at least once a month

How am I doing: In April I used the Square in a Square ruler to complete the TIF piece. I am using lots of design ideas from various books I’ve collected. The Journalmaking class helped me use up quite a bit of fabric and paper stash.

Lessons Learned: This is actually proving to be harder than expected. Perhaps a case of “too much input.” I am struggling a lot to decide what to do next!

Next Step: There are some more quilt templates to try. And LOTS of books and magazine articles!

Goal #5: Keep doll making as a focus for my creativity

How am I doing: Finished Iris for my doll club’s Over the Rainbow project. Also prepared and taught a “class” (pretty informal) on making puppets. Mr. Toad is sewn and stuffed and almost ready to dress.

Lessons Learned: I am enjoying learning new skills with my online classes, but there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of a finished doll! I guess I really am a dollmaker.

Next Step: I’ll finish the Toad and then start looking for the next doll project.

Goal #6: Enter the Hoffman Challenge – and any other appropriate challenge as they come up

How am I doing: I have sketches and fabric for the Hoffman Challenge. Just found out I won second place in the Doll Crafter & Costuming magazine hat challenge! See the July issue - cover illustrated to the left. You can see the hat above at Goal #3.

Lessons Learned: The next step needs to be better defined when doing these reviews. Last one was pretty vague and I have not progressed very far with this particular goal.

Next Step: Time to ramp up on this project. I will be sewing a test muslin this month.

Goal #7: Review the above 6 goals every 6-weeks and blog about my progress

How am I doing: This is the third review. Oh, um, yeah. It’s a day late. I DID start yesterday – does that count?

Lessons Learned: Watch the calendar! I lost a day there somewhere and spaced on when this one was due. Jeez – old-timer’s disease!

Next Step: June 17 – almost halfway through the year. Hope I do better!
Okay! Phew - glad that's over! If you missed previous reviews you can see them here and here. I elaborated more on the goals themselves here. So, until next time . . . that's all, folks!


paulahewitt said...

i think your goals a great idea!

Penny said...

Hey Liz but you have done the stargaze tome for April and I havent even started, I did look at it and cut out the page pattern. Love your goals, I am too old to have goals, they just fall by the wayside!!

Orice said...

Congratulations on winning the second place! What an honor! I can't keep up with you and your many creative projects. You're having waaaay too much fun, girl! Go for it!