Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where Have You Been?

As I checked my e-mail, I wondered . . . where is everyone?  It's been awhile since I heard from close friends, some family, even blog buddies.  Hmmm.  Blog - let me check that.  OMG!!  It's been two weeks since I posted anything!!  No wonder I'm not hearing from anyone . . . they are not hearing from me!  Well, we need to fix that!

So, you are asking yourself, why haven't you been seeing any posts from Liz?  Well, I have been pretty busy (more about that later), but right here is the main reason:

groggThis is Barney and he just turned five months old!  You'll notice he looks a bit groggy in this pic.  This is the only sitting still shot I've been able to get so far!  He has two states of existence - (1) moving and (2) grogging or asleep!

chewbone   santa-tired






That makes it hard for me to show you his wonderful, liquid eyes!  He does have such a cute little face.  It's been quite awhile since we had a puppy in this household, and we are all having quite a time making the adjustment!  Jake, included!  Most of the time he tries to ignore the squirt, but he has been quite patient about sharing a water bowl and the occasional lap.  We make sure he gets his own "special" times, 'cause I think losing the lap would be pushing the limits!!

threebears   And, yes, there is room for two on this particular lap.  This is the only photo we have that shows the contrast in size between the two pugglies.  Jake is exactly twice Barney's weight - something that is definitely noticeable when I have them both aboard!

Fiber?  Crafts?  Why, yes, I do still have time for that!  In fact, I have a couple of finished projects to share with you in the next few days.  Stay tuned.


Cheryl said...

Oh what cuties. I miss my pug that I lost 2 years ago now. They are such wonderful pets.

Annie said...

What a lovely 'family' portrait!

Orice said...

Hi Liz,
Your puppies are real sweethearts and blessed with a mommy like you. Yes, they do demand their share of your time. Our three cats vie for our attention lots of times. I've been quite remiss in creating much of anything besides drawings lately. However, I did finish a nice wall hanging, which I posted on Flickr. Hope to get back in the creative "saddle" myself too.

virtualquilter said...

Sorry , Liz, I didn't miss you much.....because for most of the time I was away from home anyway!
Maybe life will be normal soon!
Judy B

Patty said...

How cute!