Monday, January 26, 2009

Wing Thing Part 2

A while back I told you about this "issue" I was having with angels and their wings.  By mutual agreement, we decided to give it a rest and get on with other things.

I'm pleased to report that a brief R&R was quite helpful.  On the left below is the picture I showed earlier, with the paper pattern wings pinned onto Serafina.  On the right is Serafina with her "real" wings.  Doesn't she look happy, now?











All I really needed to do was to lengthen the wings a bit, and I angled them so they point outwards slightly.  I used a base of heavy interfacing and stitched layers of white lace on both sides.  A zigzag edging with gold thread provided just the right touch. 

P1140009My angels appreciate a touch of elegance, but they certainly would not be happy if they looked like all the other angels.  They are definitely independent thinkers!


I am quite happy with the finished doll.  I think she's pretty happy with me, too!  I do think it's a good idea to get along with your guardian angel, don't you?  Just think of all the trouble it saves!

As I said in the previous post, this angel is from Deanna Hogan's pattern.  I actually followed the pattern quite closely (except for wings!) which is a bit unusual for me.  Don't worry.  The next doll I made is ALL Liz!  But she is a swap and I can't show pictures until she arrives at her new home.  Soon . . .


Orice said...

Her wings are very effective with the lace and stitching. Unusual and nice. I like the hair as well.

Vicki W said...

Her wings are perfect and she's very pretty!