Friday, January 2, 2009

2009 Goals

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A coupe of days ago I reviewed the process and progress made when I set goals for 2008.  There was just enough success that I think I will continue with the general idea.  We will track my progress in 2009 together.  Aren't you the lucky ones!

Last year I posted about the difference between resolutions and goals and how a long-term target is achieved by setting specific goals.  The resolution - or target - from last year is still valid:  "To develop my design and hand embellishment skills."  This year I will add " and explore new techniques." 

This year I will continue to explore and develop.  But I think I will agendatry a different approach to the goal setting.  This year I will use the 6-week review more like a To Do list.  I will set a task list for each 6-week period and then review that list and add or subtract items as appropriate for the time and where I am in my life.

I've chosen to use Focus areas as a change in the process as well.  This does not mean that I will be doing only Focus work, but that when I am deciding on a direction - or a new project - the Focus area will be looked at first. 

I seem to have a short attention span and am easily distracted.  By breaking the year down into 6-week periods, I can better stay on track.  And I've selected three Focus areas to allow for distractions.  I hope.

The three Focus areas are (drumroll, please):

Dolls, Quilts, and Embroidery.

Here is my task list for the period January 2 through February 13:

  1. Make a box for my 2008 daily planner.
  2. Continue working on Take It Further pieces and bind them all into a fabric book.
  3. Take part in Valentine swap on Stitchin Fingers cloth doll group
  4. Finish one or more UFOs (also for Stitchin Fingers)
  5. Prepare for and begin the Stitch Explorer challenge on PinTangle.
  6. Begin working on Flapette

I like to point out that this list was originally somewhat longer (and has been through about five editions!).  Why do I get carried away like that?  So I'm adding a new "rule."  There can be no more than six items on the list.  We're talking six weeks, people!  There's only so many hours in a day!

And we're off!


Orice said...


I love following your Goal-Making process, but am not inspired enough to do one myself. It has really worked for you, since you accomplished mountains in 2008. I can't wait to see "Flapette". :-))

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I haven't got any further than planning to take down the Christmas decorations and sorting out which ones to keep handy for Christmas in July exhibition!
Which will cover the first six months if I take my time!

Paula Hewitt said...

6 items in 6 weeks sounds fair! I'll be watching to make sure you dont 'fail' - seeing as i dont have (m)any goals of my own to keep track of this year.